Body Works

A.D.A Auto Repair Center specializes in car bodywork and with our long experience, our specially formulated spaces with modern equipment, and our highly trained staff achieves excellent results both aesthetically and from the side of the passive vehicle safety throughout its lifetime. Specifically, the services provided in this area guarantee an excellent aesthetic result, the passive safety you had before the damage, and to keep the resale value.

Our Repair Center can mend from the smallest to the biggest damage on cars of any brand. Sometimes, finding a replacement part is difficult or impossible because of the cost or the lack of it in the market. However, we have the solution by fixing and repairing the damaged part, even if pieces are missing.


Our Contact Details

18 Chiles str.,
1020 Nicosia, Cyprus

+ 357 22435971

+ 357 99639471
Avgoustinos Avoustinou

+ 357 99857782
Demetris Avgoustinou

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